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    Product Description: 

      • 60 cm Range Hood
      • 430m3 per hour Suction Power
      • Washable metal Grease Filter
      • Contemporary Stylish Design
      • Flexible installation 
      • Easy Operation and Control
      • Super Quiet
      • Halogen Light

1 year warranty to all appliances
5 years warranty to compressor

Products are available in Metro Manila only.
Free Delivery within Metro Manila.

Kitchen Appliances ( Home Appliance) ,

Whirlpool Range Hood, 430m3 Per Hour Suction Power, Washable Metal Grease Filter (60 Cm) AKR554/1 IX



  Decorative Glass Canopy Hood with flat glass, charcoal and aluminum filter. Available in Metro Manila only.

  18.00 kl/s

  45.00 cm x 59.00 cm x 110.00 cm

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